June 1, 2010

The Mist

So I head out the door quickly and quietly to walk the dog. We stroll down to the edge of the little lake that rests at the end of the street.
The water is gloriously still first thing in the morning. I can hear the geese hidden in the reeds, and although I do not see them this trip, I am confident there must be at least a few older ducklings.

What is most striking about this lake in the early morning is the mist that slowly rises off the face of the water.
It catches me off guard every time. If only I could capture it on film...

I often see and hear creation praising the creator. The Lord gave me a heart to feel and eyes to see and I do feel and see...
If I sleep too long I miss it, so I tend to jump out of bed when I am near this natural wonder.

I sat in awe once again at the rising mist. As I walk quietly through the morning air I pray and sing quiet songs of Praise and worship. In the mist I can see a picture of my own heart rising to the ear of the One who knows every hair on my head.

The mist comforts me and calms my soul...

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