June 29, 2010


My husband and I snuck away to a small town along the central coastline of California this past weekend.
To say it was relaxing and wonderful would be a definitely understatement.
We enjoyed dinner, walking along a wooden boardwalk along the ocean, touring a castle, a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean, and exploring the beach.
With my first step onto the shore I was hooked. From the slope we climbed down the sand was dark; almost black. Unexpectedly as we jumped onto the beach we found ourselves giggling. We were ankle deep in beautiful pebbles!
I was mesmerized. This beach was not at all what it appeared. The stones captivated me.
The more I looked, the more beautiful they became.

I love unexpected blessings. From a distance, I can be fooled. I was confident that beach was covered in sand and stunned when I discovered it was not. This beach was not what it appeared to be.

From a distance (to some) my life seems to be made of sand: simple, plain, and even a bit boring.
Yet up close my life is overflowing with pebbles of blessing.
Varying shapes and sizes of color, depth, and beauty.
The closer I examine my own life that more amazed I am at how much evidence there is that the Lord loves me. A loving husband, beautiful and healthy children, a safe and secure home, amazing family and friends, a love for the written word, a hunger for quiet moments surrounded by creation...

My life is that beach. Until you step into it you will be sure it is sand.
Once you are here, like me, you will see I stand with my feet on the Rock.

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