June 4, 2010

First Light

I love the quiet of the morning.
My favorite thing to do is to go for a walk, somewhere where it feels like I am all alone. That place without traffic and the hum that goes along with it.
That place where the loudest sound is the song of the songbird..

You know that time time of day where the world is lit yet the suns rays are not yet seen? That's the time.
It's here that it happens.
My favorite moment...
The sun peeks out from where ever its been hiding.
The rays of light spread through the trees.
The light seems to hand pick where to highlight. It's like watching a Thomas Kincaid painting come to life.

It's here among the songbird's song and the silent rays of the morning light that I hear the Lord most clearly.

I am usually too tired when I start walking... so in quiet wonder my feet move forward one step at a time.
I yawn, I stretch, I listen.

This past weekend, I enjoyed three spectacular morning walks.

I think first light is a spectacular time of day. The world seems to lazily sleep through this magical time (As I do most days). But with out fail, every time I am ready to greet it, it greets me back.

I am so glad I didn't miss it this day!
Walking in the early morning light is  not the only place to experience "first light".

As I walk through today I will look for more:
That moment my little guy learns to read or tie his shoe, or master something challenging like whistling. You know that moment when their whole face lights up and they excitedly declare, "I did it!"
The light reflects off their eyes... I don't want to miss it.

Or when my husband of 20 years saunters into the room where I am busy doing something. He stops me, cups my face in his hands and  looks me straight in the eyes and whispers, "I love you...: and then walks away...

First light moments are everywhere...

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