September 12, 2012

Sense of Smell

I was out on a morning walk with 4 of my boys the other day. The two youngest were on bikes and the two older boys were content either jogging the paved trail or walking with me. I had bumped into an elderly friend, Flo, and we were walking and chatting.

At one point on the trail, my youngest came riding up to me while making a funny face. "Mommy, I found you with my sense of smell!"

Of course I laugh and then I was almost offended. Thank goodness for Flo and her wisdom. She quipped, "Nothing smells sweeter than the love of a mother!"

I was so blessed by her comment and as I have chewed on it for a few days I have been challenged and convicted.

The Lord wants me to be totally surrendered to Him and to spend time in prayer and worship daily. When I do, it's a sweet smelling aroma to God Himself.

So too with my family. When I spend time with Jesus, my life smells sweet; my family is drawn to me.

Today, I would ask you how does your life smell? Are others attracted to the sweetness that can only come from time spent with Jesus?