June 25, 2010


There is a mysterious flower in my front yard. My neighbor tells me she planted these bulbs for the owner of our home over a year ago and that they have the most splendid blossom imaginable. I have been weeding and watering and watching as this interesting plant grows. The heads on the flowers are developed and I anticipate that any day they will begin to blossom... I can't wait!

And yet I must. These blossoms will not be rushed. They will bloom when they bloom no matter how eager I am to see them. Anticipation is exciting. The challenge for me is to enjoy the time of the hopeful waiting rather than pining away for what "will be".

Today, I anticipate a romantic weekend with my husband. We are sneaking away for a long over do time away- just the two of us. I am up early, excited and filled with the almost guilty feeling of anticipation.

This post is for me.

I see the weekend in my mind, and like this flower I am not sure what to expect. I know it will be beautiful, but I continually have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy this moment as well. This moment of wondering and waiting. This moment of loving on the boys. This moment of packing and preparing.
The weekend, like the blossom, will come for now I will choose to live in this moment.

Anticipation is good, but LIVING is better.

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