June 22, 2010

A Grain of Sand

Ever feel like a grain of sand?
Small, gritty, insignificant?

Most days, that's exactly how I feel.

Don't get me wrong. I am not talking about a "poor poor pitiful me" insignificant.
On the contrary. I am one of the most blessed women to ever walk this planet.

What I mean is insignificant, gritty, and small.
If I never breathed another breath on this side of eternity... would my life have made an eternal impact on anyone?

You see, if I do not do something eternal with my life, then, I have done nothing with my life.
"Like sands through the hour glass..." my life would have had no real meaning.

I love the beach. The serenity, the beauty, the sand...
I love the feeling of warm sand on my feet. I love to walk the shoreline.
When I look at the sand I realize that anyone grain of sand make no impact on the beauty of the shore.
Rather its the collective grouping together of "like kind" that makes the beach so amazing.

Maybe like me, you wonder if your life is like a grain of sand. "Am I significant?" I wonder.
If I set my heart and eyes on the treasures of this world then I join the grains of sand on the shore. Mixed together and shaken and impossible to be distinguished from another grain.

If I set my heart and eyes on an eternity with the Lord and I share that with others, then I am making a conscious choice to be significant.
Gritty? Yes, at times I am an irritant to those around me.
Small? Yes, my life is but a vapor. I brought nothing into this world and I will take nothing of this world when I leave... So how should I live my life?
Like eternity is the only thing that matters. It is truly the only thing that will last.
Will I make some uncomfortable? Likely, although not maliciously.
I'd rather be the irritant in some one's eye that causes them to wash the sand away...
...if ...the end result is that they "see" what they have never seen.


  1. Very beautiful feelings flowing into a sincerity of words rarely expressed. Thank you for sharing Bekki!

  2. Thank you Dawn.
    I just found your blog as well... I am anxious to read about your adventures:).