June 1, 2010

Walking with God

I think of Enoch often. I love to walk with the Lord, Enoch loved to walk with God.
For me, there is something magical about an early morning walk with the Lord.
It's quiet. It's calm. I am not awake enough to be full of myself yet, so I am more apt to listen.

I spent the Memorial weekend celebrating our son's birthday near Yosemite.
My father in laws house sits nestled amongst trees and bushes so even though there are homes right next door, you do not see them.

We brought our dog Buck with us to visit and of course that means early morning walks.  There are no fences surrounding the property, so I take advantage of the "need for a walk" and sneak out while my family sleeps.

I learned a lot about myself and the Lord this past weekend. I know I've learned these lessons before, but they were sweeter to me this trip.
I am confident that these are the thought I will share with you this week.

I did not have the ability to write and post out here, but I have quite a few thoughts I wrote down the "old fashioned way..."

Come walk with me...

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