July 19, 2010

Rear View Mirror

I consider myself a defensive driver.
When I was 16 years old I was so freaked out by the realization that I would be responsible  for the safety and lives of others that I quit driving after my driver's ed class and gave myself a few more years to "grow up". When I was 19 years old I was finally mentally ready to face the responsibility of driving and spent $300 on personal driving lessons to prepare me for the realities of the road. I made sure I had all the right tools necessary to be as safe as possible.

One of the lessons I learned was and is to check my rear view mirror. It gives me perspective to decide if a car is too close behind me so I can adjust my course. I use this tool, like you do I am sure, to make sure I have plenty of room to stop without being rear-ended. I wish life were like this.

Sometimes I have a second to stop and look in my life's rear mirror. I had just that chance last week. My 4 year old stayed with grandpa for a few days and was a good 3 hours away. Our house was quiet and there was a lot less conflict; and a lot less life.
I look in my mirror and see my children growing up. There will be a day (very soon)  that I will look and they will not be within my view anymore. My life will be quieter and I will be too far away to see their day-to-day lives.

As  parent, I am given rear-view mirror moments when I can see the future approaching.
I have to be purposeful to live in this moment and enjoy today. I need to be careful:

"Objects are Closer than they Appear".

July 16, 2010

Can We Watch a Show?

My children ask me this question every single day. I
 usually hear it within 2 minutes of them stumbling out of bed and then every few hours throughout the day.

I am not a daytime TV watcher. I am on my feet all day (Or in this chair) pittering and pattering about my home's business. I decided a few weeks ago that I would limit my children's TV diet to just "when daddy is home". I explained this rationally to the whole crew and popped of the TV. Surprise! They have survived.

The most amazing thing to me was how much I was used to them watching during different times of the day.
First thing in the morning they would watch while I wrote.
At noon they would watch while I made lunch.
They big kids would pop on the TV whenever I got on the phone.
The house was calm and quiet.
Now my kids wake right up in the morning ready for activity. They are reading, playing, and talking more.

I realized in the first day that I had leaned on the television to quiet my children when I needed to get something done... SHAME ON ME!
I immediately panicked about the morning hour, because this is when I was writing. I quickly told myself I needed to see I had put my children on the back burner and to fix that now.

If you read my blogs, you will have noticed I haven't been writing everyday. Now you know why.
I am talking with my husband.
I am out walking with my children 1-2 a day.
I am teaching my little guy how to ride a bike.
I am decorating wagons for parades.
I am coaching a 17 year old on how to get a job.
I am reading to my children.
I am choosing special times to cozy and watch TV with my family.

Of course I am still in the withdrawal stages myself. I had set some pretty lofty goals for myself that are not possible if I am being a good wife and mom. I have a really hard time changing a goal once it is set.
Like my children I know, I will survive!

July 14, 2010

Chew with Your Mouth Closed!

So there I was, sitting at the lunch table flipping through a shoe catalog, minding my own business when I happened to look up. My almost 7 year old grinned at me from across the table. The only problem?
He had stuffed half his burrito into his mouth and half chewed food was falling from his grin. Um, GROSS!
I stared in shock, glared (as only a mom can do) and told him to quietly chew his food and tell me when he had swallowed it all. Of course I had to shoo out 3 brothers so they didn't make him laugh aloud and spew out the mouthful.
I looked back at my catalogue thinking, "I do not understand boys at all."

Ironically, I am the one with the mouthful of food today. I began writing and blogging a few months back and purposed to post a blog every day except Sunday. I would wake up and write until I had accomplished my daily goal and then go about my day.
AS I have walked through summer with my family exploring different and new areas and turning off the TV I lost the window I was writing in each day. I woke up this morning thinking about that mouthful of food.

I need to take my own advice and take a smaller bite.
I will be limiting myself to 1-2 blogs a week through the summer. Summer is free from the regular school year activities, but it is amazingly busy. I don't want to miss this time with my family because I have set a goal I cannot reach without exposing my mouthful.

Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew?

July 5, 2010

Fourth of July

The Sayler Boys won the Grand Prize
Best Entry Award for the Children's Parade