June 23, 2010

Haircut for Our Puppy

We sent our puppy to the groomers for the first time yesterday.
He got the works; a shampoo, blow dry, and a summer "field cut".
He is an Australian Shepherd and had developed a magnificent coat over the winter.
The only problem was that, aside from being extremely hot, his coat was a magnet for every thistle and fox tail within 10 feet of him.
So long story short, we had him shaved.

I am stunned at what the grooming did.
It revealed that under that mature looking, beautifully handsome dog there was a puppy hiding.
The puppy is awkward and even timid looking. Not at all the "adult dog" we thought we had.

I am like that in life. I wear my coats of "wife", "mother", "daughter", and "friend".
On the outside I look mature and like (at rare moments) I might even know exactly what I am doing.
But on the inside I am like our shaved puppy. I am just Bekki.
I think if I could see myself without my "coats" I would see an awkward and timid girl who clings desperately to her Lord.

I am so thankful that the Lord sees me as I really am.
He must smile when I get "dressed" each day.
When I see the puppy I am humbled.

Lord I am just like that.
Help me never forget that everything else is something I put on myself, but what really matters is what is beneath the surface.
You are not impressed with my fancy coats.
You are only interested in my heart.
I pray I never put on things that will weigh me down or draw "thorns and thistles" to my life.

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