December 24, 2013

Confessing the Sin of Bah Humbug!

I really struggled stirring up Christmas cheer this year. I had a horrible attitude. I pouted. I grumbled. I complained. This whole Christmas thing is so much work. Christmas tree, lights, nativities, gifts, wrapping, baking, events.

I was full of my bah-humbug self when I just "happened" to hear another mom talk about the same thing. Honestly, I wish I could tell you where I heard her. I think it was a radio interview, but while her identity is lost to me, the words she spoke and  the truth she shared is not.

This young mom expressed the same things I shared in the beginning. She was doing all the "Christmas things", but she was grumbling, whining, and complaining the whole time. She shared that in desperation she turned to the Lord. I love this next part.

God spoke to her heart and said, "in all this Christmas business, you have forgotten me." She confessed that she realized that she had not opened the gift she had received from the Lord; the gift of that precious baby born in a manger.

Sure, she has a glorious tree, beautiful lights, mountains of gifted wrapped presents and a home smelling of the holidays, but she had neglected her Jesus.

I realized in that moment that I too had neglected my Jesus. I had not spent any time reflecting on the truth that, this tiny little baby laying in the manger was God made flesh. This little baby was born to save me from my sins. This little baby would nurse, learn to walk, do his chores, master carpentry, and obey his parents all so that he could one day hang on the cross to save me from my sins. This little baby, God become flesh was knocking on my heart saying "remember what I have done for you..."

After repenting of my current list of sins: selfishness, unthankfulness, and wretchedness I began thanking Him for blessing me with a way to remember how His journey to meet me on earth began (ok, it really started in eternity past, but you know what I mean). His journey to my heart began on Christmas morning. He breathed the same air I breath today. He looked up and saw the same stars I made wishes to as a little girl. He too celebrated his birthday, but with a greater understanding of what that celebration really meant.

When I blew out the candles on my cake when I was a little girl, I would wish for new toys. If Jesus blew out candles on his cake he would not have wished for anything for his own selfish pleasure. Actually, he would not have wished at all. He would have prayed. I believe He would have been quietly praying for each of us, you and me, by name.

I found my Christmas spirit, laying in a manger, growing up in Nazareth, praying for me thousands of years ago, hanging on a tree, and now living in my heart.

We all grow tired. We all grow weary. We all can lose sight of the reason behind the season and honestly life itself. Just remember, It is all about Jesus.

He loves you, He loves me, He loves us. My prayer for you this crazy Christmas season is that you see Jesus in the middle of it all. If you have never met him, You can begin your journey in Luke 2 of the Bible. As You read ask God to show you the gift that the little baby came to bring you specifically. If like me, you know Jesus, by have been looking at the gifts and lights rather than the Giver of Life... Turn your eyes back. Refocus. Repent. Receive His joy.

Merry Christmas!
May the joy of The Lord Jesus Christ fill your heart and home with his unfailing love!
In His Love,