January 11, 2016

Seal Team of Prayer

Do you have a SEAL Team of prayer warriors?

I do and I want to challenge you to form one of your own.

This is a sticky suggestion, because I do not want any acknowledgement for this idea, yet it is so heavy on my heart that I simply have to share.

My hope is that you will pick up your spiritual knee pads and begin a lifelong journey of becoming a prayer warrior and that you will be blessed beyond words to watch the Lord assemble your own prayer SEAL Team.

Prayer is not easy.
As a matter of fact, it can be hand to hand combat.
All heck breaks loose when you begin to pray.
Intercessory prayer is sacrificial and all consuming. I am not an expert, but I can tell you that prayer is powerful and effective. I have seen prayer answered time and time again.

Why pray if it is so hard?

I have argued with the Lord about prayer.
"Why do you wait for me to pray before You fill a need or answer a heart's cry? You know what I need before I ask, so why do I have to ask?"

I know. I can be a spiritual brat. But the Lord loves me anyway.
             God simply wants to spend time with me. He loves me.

This past season in my own life has been a "diving into prayer season'.
It has been universe altering season for me.

My heart and hope is that you not only pray too, but that the Lord will bless you with
 a prayer team like mine.

My SEAL Prayer team can be counted on day or night. If I ask for prayer, they are on it.
I can physically feel the prayer. It is indescribable.

The most amazing thing is that most of my prayer warrior team do not know each other.
In fact, one of my most trusted prayer warriors is a special lady I met while commenting on a homeschooling facebook page. She and I hit had an exchange while talking about homeschooling that has turned out to be an incredible friendship. She has been used by the Lord to bless me in ways indescribable yet I have never heard her voice. (You know who you are...)

Why SEAL Team?
SEALs are a special breed of soldier. I recently heard a SEAL  say that "they are not any better than anyone else, just more willing to give their life in battle". SEALs simply never quit- no matter how hard the battle. Being a prayer warrior is like that- we must be willing to give our lives in prayer.

The ladies that the Lord has surrounded me with in prayer are just like that.

  • They do not just say they will pray... They close themselves in a prayer closet and pray.
  • They keep praying until the Lord answers. (Sometimes His answer is no, but He always answers)
  • They share God's word and speak the truth in love... even if it hurts.
  • They are connected to my life just like those boys in the picture above... We are linked in prayer while the storms of life rage and they never let go.
  • I can simply text the words, "please pray" and the Holy Spirit does the rest.
My prayer SEAL Team is anonymous to each other. 
                                    I  love that.
There is complete peace in having prayer answered through God's prayer warriors.

Building a prayer team is entirely up to the Lord, but it begins with you.
Begin your journey today by praying and asking the Lord to deepen your prayer life with Him.
He loves to talk with us and to hear our voices.

Prayer pleases God. It delights His heart to know we love Him and want to spend time with Him.

The enemy hates this. Prayer is attacked from every direction. Press in and keep praying.

Ask the Lord to show you pockets of time that you can truly begin praying. Ask Him to teach you how to pray. Ask Him to show you who you can pray for, and begin praying for them.

If you are like me, busy, busy, busy you may have a hard time finding three minutes strung together.
My best prayer time is when I am drying my hair or driving my car. God is faithful to show us pockets of time. The hard part is taking advantage of that time.

I would encourage you to pray.

God is waiting to hear from us all the time. Because He loves us. Because He loves our voice. Because He wants to reveal Himself to us.

Are you a prayer warrior? Anyone can be... You just need to be willing- God is faithful to train you...

Image result for knee padsFor those of you on my prayer warrior team, I love you. You may not even know that you are on my team... but that doesn't change anything. It just keeps all the glory in God's corner! 

Thank you for spending so much time on your knees that you likely need a pair of spiritual knee pads.

Do you have a hair dryer? Here is where the Lord started my season of prayer. The Prayer Dryer.

November 11, 2014

Prayer Dryer

One day, I walked over to my neighbor's house to borrow some sugar.
Yes, neighbors like us still exist.
She comes and raids my pantry and I beg for half an onion to save me a trip to the store.

It's glorious.

As my friend went inside to get me some sugar, I watched her daughter and her little friend Aurora swing in the front yard.

Their giggles were filled with hope, life, and light.

I had never seen Aurora before, but I was struck by her delight.
I swear she was shining.

I felt like I would never forget her face as I walked away.
Now I know why.

My neighbor called me the next week to tell me beautiful Aurora was diagnosed with leukemia the day after I saw her swinging.

It knocked my breath out of my chest and I wept for this little girl.
The girl with the laugh, love, and life.

I knew the Lord had branded her beautiful face onto my heart so I would pray for her, but I was afraid I would forget.

"Lord, help me be faithful to pray..."

Shortly after, I felt led to grow out my hair in her honor.

I committed to pray for her in those quiet minutes that I spend each day blow-drying or styling my hair. I even wrote her name in sharpie pen on my hair dryer so I wouldn't forget to pray.

My hair dryer became known to me as my "prayer dryer".

It's been over 3 years now.

My hair grew past my waist and I finally donated my first 12" of hair in Aurora's honor. What a joy!

I am happy to share that I recently learned that she was healthy and in remission. Praise the Lord!

A lot changed over the course of the last few years.

Please understand that I am no healer, or magician.

I simply joined the crowd of people interceding for this precious little gift.
There is nothing special about me or my prayers.

But I have witnessed the Lord move mountains through prayer and I allowed him to expand my heart to pray for anyone he "brands on my heart" and added many people to my Prayer Dryer.

I never know who it will be. Honestly, I have never met most of them in person.

It happens the same for me every time.

I will be scrolling through Facebook, or talking with someone and I will see a picture, hear of someone in distress, or read a heart's cry. Then I feel my heart tug.

As I pray, the Lord prompts me to add them to my dryer. So I do. And as I dry my hair I search through the names and pray for all those people represented in the black ink.

Not every day. I am not that faithful. But God is.

When He prompts me to pray, I do and I begin with those who are right there in ink.

I share this with you in hopes you will dig out a black sharpie and write "Prayer Dryer" and Matthew 19:26 "For with God ALL things are possible" on your own hairdryer.

Then patiently wait for the Lord to show you who He wants you to pray for. He will.

As recently as today the Lord has slowly had me add more names to this blower. I find it crazy and wonderful that He uses such an everyday ordinary thing to bring us closer to Him.

What do you think? Will you ask Him to show you how to pray for others? This may be the perfect way to start.

May 3, 2014

Praising God for Answered Prayer

Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him. 1 John 5:14-15

Reflecting on God's goodness. Yesterday my father had surgery to open a blockage in his heart. With many of my family and friends rallying to lift him up in prayer, we sought God's will and asked for mercy during his procedure.

God heard. We received the answers we were looking for, and dad is home resting.

As I read these verses this morning I am praising our God. He truly walked with us as we prayed, didn't He? I just want to share another thought though.

If dad's surgery had not gone as planned, that would not mean that God did not hear our prayers. God holds everything in the palm of His hand. We need to trust Him when life gets scary and Praise Him when it all works according to our plan. True.

But when things go differently than we hoped, or life throws a huge curve ball we need to remember that God is still there. He sees things we do not see. He know things we do not know. He has a plan that is so perfect, that we will only understand it when we stand in eternity.

Bottom line? We absolutely need to pray. We need to unite our hearts and seek the face of our Lord. We need to never have the circumstances in our life affect our determination to trust our God.

I can hear the enemy whispering in my head, "Now that you shared this, something bad is going to happen." I refuse to listen to the enemy.

Instead, I will join Shadrack, Meshach, and Aded-Nego (Daniel 3:16-18)
Paraphrased, my God is able to do exactly what I am asking Him to do, but if not, let it be known that I will not serve any other god or worship fear.

Prayer request: join me in continuing to pray for my dad's triple bypass surgery scheduled
for May 7, 2014. His arteries are so blocked that his feet are in constant intense pain and stops him from walking.

April 5, 2014

Prayer Against Stupidity

Praying God's Word...
Fill in the blank with whoever God puts on your heart.

"Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid." Proverbs 12:1

Lord, give ________ the humility he/she needs to receive knowledge and instruction.

Your word says _____ is stupid if he/she hates correction.
May he/she chose to be wise by bending and yielding toward wise instruction.

"The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise." Proverbs12:15

Sometimes it can be so hard to see what is right. _______ is sure they are correct in doing what is right in his/her eyes. _____ is blinded by pride.

Please give ______ a humble and teachable heart and a willingness to receive wise counsel.

"The truthful lip will be established forever, but the lying tongue is but for a moment." Proverbs 12:19

Let not ______ be deceived.

You desire truth in and through his/her life. Whether it is an unspoken lie, a selfish cover-up, or a flat out deception, help him/her see that a lie is a lie.
Only truth is established forever.

Help _____ resolve to be a truth-teller.

April 4, 2014

Praying to Live in Peaceand Humility

Praying God's Word...

I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech _________ to walk worthy of the calling with which he/she was called, with lowliness and gentleness, with long suffering, bearing with one another in love, enduring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." Ephesians 4:1-3

Lord, we all desire to live peace filled lives. I pray that ______ would endure as he/she keeps the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

If he/she strives for anything, let it be to be unified with You.

Give him/her patience and humility and a willingness to stick together because of You love which binds us. ____ knows You.

Teach them to walk with you in a way that is worthy of Your goodness and glory.

May the world know that _______ is your child because of the marks of lowliness, gentleness, patience, and love covering his/her life. Cover _______ in a garment of grace today.

And all God's Children said, "Amen!"