June 2, 2010

First Cozy of the Day

After my amazing walk through the mist and exploring nature I slowly head back to my sleeping family.

My heart is swelling with love and I am at total rest. I have spent the last hour walking and listening to my Lord and I am overflowing with love.
I find a quiet place to sit with a hot cup of coffee and my notepad so I can capture the essence of what I have just experience, when out stumbles my little Stephen.
With sleepy eyes and that adorable face he snuggles next to me on the swing. He realizes he is a bit chilly so he darts off and is back in an instant with a large stuffed lamb to help keep him warm.
We snuggle and talk about how beautiful the day is already.
He speaks in quiet whispers and as we cozy I get countless hugs and kisses...
Again my heart is full.

My mind of course wanders and contemplates this moment.

You see within minutes of rising my Stephen turns into a tornado, ready to conquer life single handed-ly.
Except for these quiet moments in the morning where all there is to do but snuggle and whisper, he never stops his quest for domination.

Its in these quiet moments that I capture or miss his heart for the day.
If I stop and spend that time with him he is calmer and more at peace during the day.
He feels loved and listens more attentively to me during the hustle and bustle of his life.

I think these morning cozies are the most vitally important. They set Stephen and I up for a more peaceful and joyful day each time.

I think this is what the Lord looks for from me each morning. He is waiting patiently for me on the "swing" as I sleepily stumble into the new day. If its cold, He smiles while I wrap myself in the arms of the Lamb.
He snuggles my souls as He whispers to my hear how much He loves me. He knows that if He is able to snuggle me in the early light, that I will walk more confidently at noon.

I am thankful that He waits for me with open arms each day. He knows that soon enough I will be racing around trying to accomplish that never ending "to-do" list. He must feel so loved when I come to greet him each day, like I felt that moment in the sun on the swing with Stephen.

I look for the opportunities to sit quietly with Him. For me, they are in the early light of day... Where that first cozy awaits.

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