June 7, 2010

Hurray! I Get Shots Today!

Today was the big day...

The final kindergarten doctor appointment for my children.
Stephen was so excited. HE was going to be a big boy.

We talked through the whole thing in advance; the measuring, the sight test, the hearing test, the "peeing in a cup", an of course the shots.

"hooray! I get shots today!" He declared excitedly. He marched around the house and told all his brothers.
As we sat in the doctors office, he was still excited. He asked me if they hurt. I said, yes. They hurt like a sharp pinch. I said you can say, "Ouch!" if you need to. He said OK.

Well, as you may have guessed, he was not pleased with the reality of the shots. They hurt more than he was prepared for. He said ouch for the first and yet by the second he started to cry and didn't even try to be brave f or the last one.

After he was all done he said, "Mommy you said it would hurt a little bit, but they really hurt a lot!"

We are never quite prepared for pain and suffering are we?
We may even dance around and look pain right in the face, but the truth is pain hurts. It disarms us.
Stephen was thankful I was there to hug him through it. As mom, I knew the immunizations were for his good, and yet it is always hard for me not to cry along.

I think life dishes us "not-so-fun" moments. I may think I am  tough enough to handle whatever life throws my way, but the truth is pain levels me. It is especially effective when the pain is not mine, but my children's...
I am so thankful the Lord knows exactly how the current suffering works together for my good.

Shots hurt. Life can hurt. But God is always good...

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