August 31, 2011

Plastic and Words: What Do They Have in Common?

One of my boys sets sail next week to study marine biology while sailing on a gorgeous tall ship. Swimming with sea lions, snorkeling, and night "diving"- truly a lifetime experience.

In preparation for his journey he is studying all about the ocean and it's lifeforms, and we were taught about the Pacific Garbage Patch. Before this little video I thought nothing about the millions of water bottles thrown away every hour, and less about where they end up. It is staggering!

In life it's easy for me to get so caught up in my own little world that I fail to see the reality right in front of me. I think I know what you may be going through, but in truth I likely have no idea! People have a great (or not so great) way of masking the challenges and triumphs of their life. I'm hoping that the Lord opens my eyes today; That I am purposeful in all my conversations and actions and that I am able to see the people around me.

I pray I am more careful with my actions and words than I have been with my plastics...

If you want to learn more about plastics do a quick search for TED and Pacific Garbage and watch the short lecture.)

August 30, 2011

Stone Age Writing

My computer died a dramatic death December 2010. As a writer, this has been more than a significant challenge. As a person living in the future, it makes life seem impossible.
Think about it... What do we need? Google it!
Recipes, blogs, directions, school research papers. We do everything with and from a computer.

Fast forward almost a year and I am here to formally announce that I have not died without a personal computer. My children's research papers have been completed on time, and my family has not starved! I have even sent more than 3 "old fashioned cards". Hurray!

Hmmm. What else do I think I need that I can absolutely live without?