January 22, 2012

This is where the "Magic" Happens

My youngest son doesn't buy the fact that mom would prefer to be in lounge wear most of the time. As a home-school mom who lives in her kitchen, most days I do not dress up. I do take the time to look presentable, but I confess that most often I choose to wear slippers and comfy clothing.

This past week I was getting ready for my22nd anniversary date with my husband and my munch-kin was right beside me. Actually, both the younger boys were right there. Now, for some reason, my sons love to help me choose how to prepare for a date with their daddy. They combed through my jewelry, begged me to wear a dress, and tried to choose what make-up I would apply.

As I was trying on earrings for them to deliberate over and adding more make-up, because, "mom, you need more style" I had to laugh. My favorite comment came as a result over a dispute over lipstick. Each boy had chosen their favorite, so I broke the argument by saying I would wear both. As I prepared to add the second color my little guy says, "This is where the magic happens!"

Who would have thunk that I would have little ones helping me prepare for a date.

My 5 boys are anything but feminine. In the dictionary there is a picture of all five of my little men next to the word "testosterone".

...And yet, the Lord allows this one little bending of the rules for me. It makes me feel loved that they care. I love that its always in preparation for a date with daddy.
What a blessed woman I am!

I do not care one bit that this is not in the Raising up Sons Handbook!

How about you and your kids? Where do they break the mold and how is that a blessing?