November 11, 2014

Prayer Dryer

A few years back I met a little girl who changed my prayer life.
Aurora was swinging carefree in a swing in my neighbor's yards and I was struck by her beauty. I have never forgotten her face.

The next day she was diagnosed with cancer and fought a terrible battle for two long years. I knew the Lord showed her to me so I would pray for her.

I began growing my hair out to donate it to the "Locks of Love" in her honor. My hair is now almost to my waist and I should be making my donation in the next few months. (My husband and all my boys fell in love with my long hair, so I am growing it even longer for them).

As my hair grew and needed more and more attention I dedicated the time I would dry my hair to praying for Aurora and anyone else the Lord laid on my heart. My hair dryer became known to me as my "prayer dryer".

Two new little girls have been added to my "prayer Dryer" time. Katherine is a young girl fighting a brain tumor and Michaela is the daughter of dear friends who was born 7 weeks prematurely.

I decided to add these girls names to my dryer so I would not forget to pray specifically for them.

Today, I am inviting you to turn your hair dryer into a prayer dryer as well.
  • Simply take a sharpie pen and write "Prayer Dryer" and include a Bible verse like Matthew 19:26 ...For with God ALL things are possible. 
  • Then add the names of people that the Lord shows you who need prayer.

I do not know about you, but I spend quite a few minutes drying my hair each day. This is an amazing pocket of prayer time, because even the kids give me those few minutes undisturbed!

Are you ready to join the "prayer dryer" revolution?

(Please add Katherine, Aurora, and Michaela to your prayer list!)


It has been a few years since the Lord had me create my Prayer Dryer.
My hair is now past my waist and it still takes quite a bit of effort to dry... yet that time is so sweet.
I am now on my second dryer. It is quickly becoming covered. This is one of the sweetest pockets of prayer time. My hope is that others would begin this same habit. Bring a sharpie into the bathroom and place it in your drawer. Ask the Lord to show you who to pray for and add their names over time. Then pray. For the rest of your life, as you see their names, pray for them...

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  1. I now have six names on my prayer dryer. Each one has landed their name there the same way...
    There picture/face was instantly burned into my mind when I saw them.

    My memory is so bad, this is how I remember to pray constantly for them...