December 25, 2010

When I was alone and miserable You loved me.
When I was cruel and unkind, You loved me.
When I was lost and rejected, You loved me.
When I was arrogant and proud, You loved me.
When I was judgemental and callous, You loved me.

Thank You Lord for coming to this earth to save me. You could have left me to my own devises and allowed me to slip away forever, but You really did love me. You pursued me and wooed my heart. You showed me what real love is. You have never left my side, You guide me everyday.

I pray You are worshipped today and celebrated with all the Glory and Honor that is fitting for You my King. Happy Birthday Jesus.

December 23, 2010

Monkey Hugs

My little Stephen is on my heart a lot lately. I am very aware that he is growing up way too quickly. He has the most infectious little grin and can get into trouble fast than you can say "Go!" but there is another talent he possesses. The Monkey Hug.
With all his heart and soul he gently climbs up into you arms and rests his chin in your neck, warmly surrounding you with both his arms and legs... he simply rests here. It is the most amazing feeling to be loved and trusted this much. I dread the day he is to "big".

I read the other day that love is always passionate. Stephen knows this without ever having reading the little devotional that I did. Each and every day, he simply expresses his love.
I wonder what the rest of the relationships in my life would be like if I took the same 30-60 seconds each day to express an undeniable message that I trust, love and respect them? I am ashamed to admit that days can go by while I quietly take my loved ones for granted. Although you cannot hug everyone the way a 5 year old can, there are definitely ways to express the same message... It doesn't take but a moment, but in that moment... everything changes. I am looking for the chance to make that change.

December 20, 2010


I think about praying a lot more than I actually pray. Why is that?
I have seen and felt the power of prayer in action and I would never deny the truth that God is alive and answers prayer. So why don't I pray more? Why do I entertain the complaints or anxieties of my heart without breaking out into a sprint to the throne of grace?

December 17, 2010

My Friend

I know someone who I will call "a friend". I love this person dearly.
This person is permanently grumpy. Complains every time they speak, and hardly smiles. Honestly they live a miserable life. Everything that happens to them is a problem. Everyone is out to get them. Nothing ever goes their way. Ugh. The air becomes thick and dark around them.

I know another "Friend". I too love Him dearly.
This One is eternally content. He prays about absolutely everything He sees. His eyes are shining like the sun and His countenance radiates joy. Honestly, He lives a victorious life. Everything that happens around Him is by design. Like my other friend He know everyone is out to get Him: either for good or bad. Everything goes His way. The air around His very name is filled with light.

I think I should introduce my friends to each other...

December 15, 2010

I missed you

There are few things that calm my spirit.
Worshipping the Lord with a pure heart. Peeling an orange in a warm patch of sun. Writing what's on my heart.
Its been months since I blogged. I have missed it. I know that if I never wrote another word it would not affect hardly a soul on this planet, except of course mine. I only think straight when I write. I only can get to the root of my life and the things that bless or bug me by writing it out... So here I am again... wanting to pour out my heart, wanting to think straight again. Meet me here Lord.

December 14, 2010

In About 300 Years

ME, "Stephen, how long will it take you to obey and settle down?"
Stephen, "About 300 hundred years..."

Ahhh, the joys of parenting.
The perennial struggle between 'my way and his way'.
I guess I can be thankful he is honest.
I can ask myself the same question though...
 "Bekki, when will you obey and settle down?"

I am constantly on the go. I am so caught up in my own to do's that I forget to stop and enjoy the family around me. I look at my growing children and struggle between the thoughts, "should I tell them I love them, or remind them that their room is a disaster"? Should I stop them and hug them, or thrown their dirty laundry in the washer right this second? Should I face book or email friends, or write my boys an encouraging note? Should I rebuke the disrespectful attitude with my own smug attitude, or should I correct in love with a brokenness and sorrow for their sin?
I don't know. Why is it that life is so filled with unimportant tasks or concerns that crowd out the ones who mean the most to us?
What should I obey? To delight in my children and remember that they are gifts from God.
How should I settle down? Stop striving to have a clean house and love my children in ways they remember while they are still under my roof... Stop acting out of arrogance and love and correct and nurture with a humble heart...

May it take me less than 300 years to get it right.