April 11, 2012

The Little Finch

She looked at me with tear filled eyes
And shared with me a word,
Of the most awful thing she saw,
A singed and swollen bird.
“A little finch flew in my yard with no feathers on his head.
Its tail was gone, it’s body swollen- I’m sure by now it’s dead.”
Her heart was seen deep in her eyes,
Her soul was deeply hurt,
To see that suffering little bird fly through the ash and dirt.
The fire that had come so close to taking all away,
Had spared her, her home, and her mate to share another day.
Why had she been spared to live when so much burned and perished?
Her spirit answered with relief,
To hug and hold those cherished.
The Lord, our God, He is so good
He alone can heal
The wounds the fire left behind that now those spared must feel.
The dust and ash that cover the ground where homes and families once stood,
Are a constant reminder of His grace and that He is so good.
You see the God that leads my life shared with me here today
That he could have taken my mom and dad, but He spared them so He could say,
“My child you are so dear, I sent my only Son,
That if you will believe in Me the battle will be won.
The ash that surrounds you is left for you to see
How truly blessed your life is, now yield it all to Me.
Yes, I am the Lord your God, I wish to heal your hurts.
I alone can take away the pain left in the ash and dirt.
The fire did not consume you, this was no mistake.
Peace and Joy I have for you-all you must do is Take.
When you look around you and see the ashes still,
Remember that I spared you, so you could do My will.
You are my precious daughter, more dear than that little bird,
He chose to share his pain with you so you could hear My word.
My Son was sent so long ago and nailed upon a tree,
Like the little bird you saw, He chose for you to see.
As the green comes through the ash and the dust springs back to life,
Feel My Grace surround you and sustain you through the strife.
Trials will always be there to point your way to Me
Hold My hand and follow Me through all eternity.

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