June 10, 2010

Oh ye of Little Faith

Remember the story about Peter and Jesus?
You know, there was a storm raging and the disciples see Someone walking out to the boat.
They all think its a ghost at first, and then Peter thinks he recognizes the Lord.

"Lord if its You, command me to walk on the water to you..."

Jesus says, "Come."

Peter instantly jumps out of the boat and begins walking through the storm to meet the Lord.

I love this. I love that there is no hesitation on Peter's part to jump right in. Wet. Cold. Scary. No problem... "The Lord is over there," so that's where he wanted to be...

The only problem was that in the storm, Peter lost sight of Jesus.
The waves caught his attention and caused him to look away.

We know what happened next, Peter got scared and began to sink.
He cried out to Jesus to save him, and of course the Lord did.
The cool part is that after they were back on the boat Jesus calmed the storm completely.

I sometimes feel guilty that I can related to Peter so well.

I am more than willing to jump right in and follow after Jesus, no matter the circumstances, but at times I waiver in my faith that it was a good idea...
I mean really...
Who in their right mind jumps out of a boat into a raging sea?

I can find my self focusing more on the water and waves than on the One who is there with me in the midst of it all.

Funny as life keeps on keeping on I continue to jump out of the boat and run toward Jesus.
I still struggle at times and find myself sinking in the water because I looked at the storm instead of the Saviour.

Praise the Lord and thanks be to God that His Mercy never ends!

He never waivers. He walks me through everything, picks me up when I fall, lifts me when I sink, and gets me to the boat. Then He smiles at me, raises His hands and calms the storm...

"Oh yea. You are God. You are in control." I remember.

Like I said, sometime I feel guilty that I can relate to Peter.
That is until a friend shared, "At least Peter got out of the boat!"


At least I get out of the boat...

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