October 3, 2011

Inspection Time

After a week of chewing on Time for an Oil Change, I decided to go a bit deeper. OK, a lot deeper. My own life is in need of a good overhaul, my spiritual engine is sputtering and stalling, so I thought I'd share the process I am going through with you. I' calling it My Spiritual Overhaul.

I plan to sit at the Lord's feet for a few days and take note of what He reveals to me. O.K. By "sit" I do not mean "criss-cross, apple sauce".
Life still goes on. I have a husband to minister to, people to feed, and children to teach but the ears of my heart are perked.

I invite you to join along with me. Click on the highlighted words above to be directed to Step 1: Where do I begin?

1. Inspection Time: Search me O God, and Know my heart, try me and know my thoughts. Psalm 139: 23

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