October 21, 2011

Taking time to Truly Pray

He is wounded in a way I cannot imagine. I do not know how he became injured or even where he lives. I have never seen his face or heard his voice. Yet, I call him friend.

How is that possible?

This believer has been through a traumatic experience that severed his spine. A dear friend of mine sent a message off the other day asking for prayer. My heart was pricked by his story and so I prayed.

The Lord has not allowed me to cease from praying for this unknown friend, yet I can feel his pain. Not the physical, but the mental challenge of trusting in the Lord when life throws a bucket of curve balls at you.

I have been awakened in the night with specific prayers to lift and reminded of this person through songs on the radio. God is at work through this persons life in a way I may not ever fully understand.

What I do know is that I cannot help but consider him a friend now. We are knit together in a battle through prayer and united by the Living God.

Stop for a moment.
Ask the Lord if there is someone He would like you to pray for. I know He will immediately place someone on your heart. You may even see their face in your mind or hear their voice. Stop and pray for them. Take a moment to look through the Psalms and find a verse that speaks to your heart and pray that verse for them. Consider the next song you hear may be the very words you are supposed to lift to the Lord.

Take the time to pray. If no one else comes to mind, you can pray for me:).
Be blessed today!

I'd love to hear how the Lord encouraged you to pray...
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