October 19, 2011

Total Body Make over

Well, it happened.
I walked about a mile yesterday with my children. I am working on teaching the younger ones street safety when riding a bike, so my mile walk was really more like an almost jog.
The Result? Let's just say that is NOT a picture of me...

Humiliation, that's what happened.

OK, maybe not that dramatic, but I was totally winded and I actually pulled a muscle slightly.
For someone who use to coach people on "How to get Skinny" regularly, this was horrific. Almost like when you thought you were a rock start only to discover you were trailing toilet paper all day and had poppy seeds in your front teeth.

My excuses:
I have a wounded arm and when I walk it actually would hurt. A Lot.
I thought I was OK.

Cold hard truth:
My arm is getting better.
I like my late night snacks.
I am lazy, and have fallen out of "love" with exercise.

  • Kick myself in the behind and get moving again. A mile a day on my feet period for a week. Then increase by half a mile a day until I can walk across America.Well, maybe 5 miles.
  • Stop eating.
  • OK, not really, but I will choose to be as serious about my health as I am about other areas of my life! Jump start back into the "Commit to Fit" life habits that helped me before.
Ask for forgiveness. I feel like a teenager who through a party while their parent were away. When the Lord looked me square in the face this morning I was "caught red handed". I couldn't fit in pants that should fit me. I have neglected His temple... Lord, forgive me.

Whew! I feel lighter already.

Comment below and tell me what a wretch I am for becoming fat and lazy.
Well, how about encouraging me that it will be worth my while to lose a few pounds so I can keep up with my "pack of bikers". Gotta go, I've got a mile to put on my shoes...

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