October 17, 2011

You Awoke Blessed and With a Choice

Scripture tells us that in everything we do, do all for the glory of God.
Whether you face a day of laundry, dishes, or homeschooling. Maybe its commuting to a "real job". Whatever you co today, do it all for the glory of God.
The amazing truth is that God handpicked each one of us to live the lives we woke up to this morning. He knows who we will come in contact with, where we will succeed, where we will fail. He has blessed each one of us with a full measure of faith and strength to walk through our perspective days in a way that will profoundly impact the world around us.

Remember we woke up blessed, but we also woke up with a choice.
Do we glorify God today, or do we glorify ourselves, our family, our friends?

When we focus on Him in all we do, we glorify Him and baffle the world. Funny. It's when we let go of our own expectations and our own good that we are overwhelmed by His direction and His good. We shine His love and life, we look different. Those who are hungry and thirsty linger longer around us to see if they too can have what we have.

Be filled with the love of Christ today. Look long and hard at your "to do" list and choose to do all that you do for His glory. Let a few things fall to the floor if necessary.

Remember you woke up blessed and with a choice. Like Indianna Jones, choose wisely...

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