October 27, 2011

Best Deal of the year

So yesterday I'm out thrift store shopping with my 2 youngest boys. All their jeans and long pants have holes in the knees and I told then I'd like to see if I can scoop up a few pair. We did the usual praying (i always pray before going into a thrift store. Since the Lord had to prompt someone to give something away prior to me walking in to shop, I see it as a perfect opportunity for the Lord to provide).
I told the kids that going to a thrift store is like going on a treasure hunt, you honestly never know what you'll find.

Yesterday was really fun. I stumbled upon a store that is moving across town. They had marked all their merchandise down to 25 cents. That's right, 25 cents.
I do not know what you may feel about buying second hand clothing, but with 5 boys I can tell you I love it. They can shred the knees of a $30 pair of jeans the first day. I learned that in order to allow them to "be boys" I needed to not care about their play clothes.

Anyway, I was able to get 3 tennis rackets. 4 tops for myself and 5 pair of pants for the boys. What was even better was the fact that I paid for the hefty $3.00 sale with quarters from the bottom of my purse.

I love it!

How about you? Are you are thrift store shopper? What's the best deal you ever stumbled upon? If you've never stepped into one, I encourage you to try it!

My personal best was I stumbled upon a really nice leather jacket for myself. I am WAAAY to cheap to ever buy myself a brand new one. My awesome find was $12!

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