October 15, 2011

It's Your Turn: What Do You See?

In an old Henry Winkler (The Fonz) movie, An American Christmas Carol, Scrooge holds up a piece of wood and asks, "What do you see?". The boy he is talking to replies, "A Stick" with an annoyed attitude.

The scene then unflods as Scrooge enlightens the boy. The truth is that something is hidden within the piece of wood that can only be seen by the one who looks beyond the bark. A candlestick, a toothpick, maybe a chair leg is hidden within.

Because I heard this repeated many times throughout my life, it has become part of me. When I see something that catches my attention, like a bird or a flower or tree I look beyond the obvious and try to see what lies within.

The amazing thing is that there is always something there. Sometimes its a story, other times its a lesson. I never know until I stop to ponder.

This morning I saw a beautiful tree and I stopped to ponder. I am inviting you to do the same thing.

Look at the picture above.
What do you see when you look beyond the obvious leaves?
Take a moment and share your thoughts: comment or email.
Come Monday Morning I'll share what I see.

A Winner will be chosen by random draw to receive a thank you for sharing prize.

Ways to enter:
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1 comment:

  1. Well, looks like this one was just for my own heart. Although no one left a comment this time, I am hopeful that you all were still able to see the fingerprints of God in your lives this past week!
    Many Blessings!