May 19, 2010

You are not alone

So, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning.
I cried out to the Lord,
"Is there a way I can talk to someone about all this?"

Then I heard the words to a song in my head...
"I will praise You in this storm Storm... I will lift my hands,
You are who You are
 no matter where I stand..."

I sighed and I continued my prayer.
I basically said I would trust the Lord whether I never talked to another soul what was going on... Who possible had time for this all today anyway?

He must have smiled on me as I was struggling...
He knew He was going to connect me with a woman who is on a very similar life path as I find myself on. Oh the details are different, but the reality and weight are the same.

We spoke for over an hour... sharing details, struggles and encouragement back and forth.
I could feel the stress being released from my heart...
We are never alone.

God is so amazingly faithful!
He is truly all we need and yet He loves us enough to touch our lives in ways we can see or feel.

I felt like Luke in the trash compactor this moring...
The walls were closing in as I was trapped in the filthy trash.
I grabbed my communicator and cried out to R2D2 in desperation to turn it off...
Just when I was sure I was about to die-
The walls stop, the liquid drained and I am released from my temporary death trap.

As of this morning in no particular order:
a child is facing a medical ordeal
another child seems to be carrying the weight of the world
a loved one fears loss of employment
a loved one is home in pain caused by a massive cyst with in their spinal column
a loved one is committed to a mental facility
and I still have kids to teach and laundry to complete...

I was driving home and I felt myself lift my hands and say "I trust You Lord"...
No matter what the storm... I trust You.

I parked my car and saw my favorite songbird. I sat for a few minutes listening to it sing...
"It's all good" I tell myself.
"All things work together for the good" I remind myself.
"Peace that passes understanding"... I thank Him that I do not need to understand...

The phone rang unexpectedly and an hour and some odd minutes later I feel renewed and ready to march on.

Now I am behind schedule. lol.
Laundry is waiting, kids are hungry, appointments are pending...
Yet my heart is quieted.
Thank you Lord for meeting me...
You knew just what I needed today and You did not hold back.

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