May 3, 2010

The Yellow Weed

As I drove home this morning from driving our oldest son to school I found myself praying aloud...
"Thank you Lord for not moving when they nailed  MY NAILS into your hands. You are so merciful and kind, forever reminding me how much you love me... Thank you for dying for me... I pray You would give me eyes to see the world as you do."

There they were by the side of the road...

Beautiful little yellow wildflowers. I didn't remember seeing them the day before, and yet here they stood in glory.
The song "Awake and Alive" from Skillet started on the radio and I stopped the car backed up
and said, "I am awake and alive Lord."
I got out  of the car, snapped a photo (which I intend to send to my mom) and jumped back into the drivers seat... Jammie's and all.

I can't help but think about Jesus  as I remember this moment.

My amazing Lord Standing alongside the roads I travel everyday. Tall, strong, and yet beautifully meek.

 If I am not paying attention I'll miss Him altogether. If I am in too big of a hurry I will see Him, but wave or nod as I drive by... Heaven forbid!

I pray to have moments like this daily.

Moments where in the bustle and hum of daily life with a wonderful husband, 5 boys, and 1001 things to be done that I see the Lord as I saw the flowers and that I take the moment to stop and look and listen...

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