May 10, 2010

Rose Colored Glasses

I believe I live my life looking through rose colored glasses.
I am often thinking about blessings and butterflies.
I used this picture on a blog to bless the moms who would read it, but most especially my mom. I love this picture. She is featured in the center with a loving look on her face as she snuggles and loves on two of my 5 boys. I was reflecting on this special today, the day after Mother's Day.
How blessed I am!
I love my mom.
I love my children.
How sweet my children are...

That's about when my rose colored lenses turned to clear:

All 5 of my children are in this photo.
Look closely and you'll see what my rose colored lens blocked out the first 50 times I looked at this...

Yes, that's correct.
My oldest is hanging one of his little brothers upside down while the other brother is getting ready to laugh at the upside down brothers plight...

My life is like this all the time.
I see what I want to see. I chose to delight in the blessing and I feel really good about what I am doing with my family. I feel like super wife, or super mom... And then I see my life as it truly is:
                  Blessed of course.
                                        Wonderful, absolutely.
                                                                  But controlled chaos might be a better description.

If I were choosing fonts for the title of the picture,
I would chose larger bold font for the word Chaos and lighter smaller font for the word "controlled".

I laughed when the picture came into view. I hope you will too...

"Now where are those rose colored glasses..."

1 comment:

  1. OK, my mom proved my point this morning. Apparently I do not pay very close attention... The child being held upside down is my nephew!

    Thanks mama!