May 18, 2010

Peek through the Fence

I live in my kitchen and dining room.
I home school 4 of my boys at my kitchen table, often in jammies.
I cook and clean and even iron all my husbands clothes for work.
I am and have always been the girl with 1-3 friends, never the socialite.
My life is neat and tidy.
I live a life that is hedged in with the Lord Himself watching over me.
I am protected.

Those who know me well know I think in pictures.
I am breaking out of my neat life by diving into this adventure of writing.
I am peeking out from the fence that protects me and hoping that as I do the world welcomes me.
I love the fence. Don't get me wrong. I have no intention of cutting it down, or to even leave its boundary.
I am simply poking through... looking around...
Do you see me?

We all have fences that surround us.
Our family, our job, our ministry.
The fence defines our life:
Who we are, who our lives touch.

My fence keeps me focused on my Lord, my husband, and my children.
The breaks in the boards remind me that there is a world beyond my borders.
I can see it clearly if I look closely.
The gate is there to remind me that people will come and go.
A "stranger" will knock, a friend will simply enter.

So here I am today...
poking through.
The majority of my life is behind the boards... loving and serving my family.
I am blessed and content.
I am growing where I am planted and my life flourishes.
What pokes out is an extension of my heart alone.


  1. Hi Friend,
    Thanks for letting me into your world! Some of my sweetest moments have been sitting in your kitchen/dining room, sitting, talking, praying, sharing life:)

  2. You are always welcome at my table!
    Thank you for all your prayers, support and encouragement.