May 17, 2010

Looking for Miracles

Ladybug on the Mountain

So I was praying once again this past week... "Lord do you really want me to keep this writing business up?"

Does God speak to me? Yes.
For me, I hear His voice in many different ways but one of the the loudest, clearest is through looking, really looking at nature.

I read a quote on Saturday that said, "Those who look for small miracles find them." That's me.

I must drive people crazy, because everywhere I look I see Jesus.

I see flowers and butterflies.

I hear the song of the songbird and eagerly search him out.
It's no surprise to me that there is once again something incredible to share.

My family and I took our first hike toward our goal of summiting Tehachapi Mountain this weekend. It was so much fun! We were huffing and puffing (OK, the kids were running and laughing: I was huffing and puffing) and enjoying the view. This mountain is less than 10 minutes away and a relatively easy mountain climb.
By easy I mean if one slips, they are not likely to "Plummet to certain death." (As my 6 year old would say).

Anyway, we were stopped at one of those, "let the older folks catch their breath spots" and I looked down. There in the dust and dirt was a little ladybug.
I loved it so much I took a picture to share with you.
Do you see the miracle?

Here on the mountain, where people stop and gasp for breath (By people I mean me) is a pretty little bug lallygagging around.

Not rushing.

Not panicking.

Just lallygagging.

There was nothing for this little bug to eat, and yet it was not frantic.
When I got close, it didn't run. When I almost stepped on it it didn't fly away.

I want to be like that little lady bug. Don't you?
Look around. People all around you and I are stopping and gasping for breath.
They are not sure how they can take another step.
When they look up from that place of anguish they will see us...

I want to be so at rest, so at peace that people stop and look at my life with amazement.
I want people to actually see God' light in me.

With all humility and honesty I admit that my life is not an easy life.
From the outside looking in it appears that I eat bon-bons all day and dance and sing with my children from "son up to son down".

Honestly, I should appear all out of breath and near death. Raising 5 boys is a daily battle.
I think the reason I am sane is because of the ladybug.
I see her and I remember: slow down. Breathe. Look for the Lord in the moment.

Life happens to all of us, but how we live life is a choice only we can make.
We share our lives with ladybugs: some real, some metaphorical... Yet they are there.

It's not Deja vu, I've said it before. "I want to live my life on purpose."
Today, I chose to not only see the ladybug, but to learn her from her as well....

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  1. Dearest Bekki,
    This was for me today. I am rejoicing and resting in Jesus. Such a great confirmation of what the Lord has been saying to me lately. I miss you. I just realized that all the comments I have made to your e-mail in response to these blogs may not have gotten to you, because I haven't written them on the blog. Let me know if you have gotten my other notes....Mainly saying, "Keep it up," "I am reading and loving the thoughts and wisdom the Lord gives to my dear friend, Bekki!"