May 6, 2010

Stuck in the sand

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you find your self waist deep in the sand.
"How the heck did this happen?" you might ask yourself.

Last thing you remember you were running along having a great 'ol time, now you find your self unable to move, held against your will by what ever is going on.
You're stuck and no seems to care.
No one stops and asks how you are doing with a sincere heart...
They want to hear, "I am doing fine, Gods in control."
The definitely do not want to hear all the details about why you are frustrated, angry, confused, and scared do they?

The good news is someone cares. Remember that famous poem about the footprints in the sand?
First, two sets of prints are seen in the sand.
Very quickly you realize one set belongs to you, the other to the Lord.
The footprints are left behind as you walk through life together.
Suddenly, at a time of trial and tragedy you look and see only one set of footprints.
You are angry and feel abandoned by God.
Then, with a loving voice, He shares that when life hit you hard you were not abandoned, but rather the He Himself scooped you up and carried you.

I have experienced this first hand.

I want to learn this lesson without having to walk it. Don't you?
I want to remember that I am never alone. I want to know beyond knowing that no matter what I am faced with each day, the Lord intends to use it for the good. I want to know He will carry me. I do not want the trial.
Funny life doesn't work that way.
Some of the best moments in my walk with God have been in times when I literally had no strength left to breath on my own. As He carried me He tenderly whispered to my heart how much He loves me. He was able to point to the things I had missed as I traveled along at warp speed.

I know I cannot dodge life. Life happens to the best and worst of us equally.
After being carried a few times already, I am left with a different perspective...
When I find myself stuck in sand up to my waist and cannot escape,  I want the ability to look around and see that I am still loved. Just because "life happened" to me doesn't mean that I am alone and forgotten.

I want to reach out and feel the sand. See all the shimmering colors and grains individually, feel its warmth. I do not want to fear tide.

Life is so fast and high tech. I want to enjoy the slow-motion and close up shots that I am given.

I am sure I will hope to be delivered quickly from the sand, and yet I hope as people rush past me in the sand, They see I am filled with joy. I hope my laughter and peace causes them to wonder... "how on earth can she be content while stuck in sand?"

Of course I will not ask to become buried by life, but should the Lord cause me to ""lie down by still waters" I will remember His heart is to "restore my soul". He is with me and will carry me through.

Lord, Help me love every moment of life You give me.

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