May 7, 2010

What do you see?

This morning I drove our oldest to school bright and early.
Today is the big day.

AP Test #1.

A years worth of effort to be tried and proved today in one long 4-5 hour test.
I did not want to be in his shoes at all. I was lazy in high school. I chose not to take the AP classes because I saw no value in them for my future. I have wanted to be a wife and a mom for as long as I can remember. I actually remember "husband shopping" in kindergarten... Goofy little girl.

I encouraged Thomas as we drove along, prayed for his mind to be anointed and that he would be able to remember all he had crammed in that brain of his: and then a sight in the distance caught our attention.

There in the mornings early light I saw the first hot-air balloon of spring here in Tehachapi... It was glorious! We loved the sight of it. OK maybe, I more than him, but we did enjoy it together. As I often do, I pondered what this balloon in the midst meant for my life today. I was reminded that it is the little things that rejuvenate our spirits. Quiet moments. Moments without phones and face book. Moments without smog and long to-do lists...

So I dropped Thomas off to school and took a detour home to try to capture the sight so I would remember it and share it with you. Of course I only had my iPhone with me and I couldn't capture the sight in its fullness. But isn't life like that?

The biggest most profound moments cannot be explained or captured on film. The fullness of the lesson was intended for my heart, I am well aware of that. The cool part is that my heart is left overflowing and frustrated in a good way. Its overflowing to the point that I cannot but help tell you about it, frustrated that you may be too busy. Hopeful that you'll stop long enough to become filled to overflowing and that the love and joy you are filled with today will spill on those around you...

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