September 11, 2011

Standing in the Middle of the Bermuda Triangle

I was standing outside with my 13 year old last night and we literally felt like we were in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. On one side we had a huge rain storm moving toward us, behind us we had a "holy crud" level lightning storm, and directly in front of us a wild fire was licking the tops of the mountains behind our home threatening to come our way and force an evacuation. It was incredible!

My husband walked out and began praying outloud that the Lord would move the massive raincloud to downpour above the fire and squelch it's flame.

God is an amazing God. No matter what impending doom is surrounding me, He is always there; forever faithful. Now, He could have allowed the massive forces of nature to overtake us, yet He didn't.

How cool is that? Even if you find yourself in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, there is nothing to fear...

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