September 26, 2011

Caught in the Crossfire

Boys are unique creatures.
Being the only girl in a home filled with testosterone can be challenging at times. Yesterday necessitated me hiding behind a locked door for a half an hour.

You see, we celebrated my husband's birthday.
Harmless as it sounds, the new tradition in our home is that all male-type humans receive nerf guns and extra amunition for their big day. My husband reminded me of this tradition while in the same breath describing the weapon he would like to possess.

Call me sucker. GO ahead.

I acquired said weapon and wrapped it in a bathroom towel. (Yes, I said towel. I ran out of  wrapping paper and was too cheap, I mean lazy, to go to the store).

I could tell by his face as he began to assemble the gun that no one in the house should be unarmed once he was locked and loaded.

I reassured myself as I stepped aside to watch that at least I was safe. I am still recovering from surgery you know.

Now, You know as well as I do that I got shot by my husband. "Collateral damage" I think is the military terminology. The nerf bullet missed my healing inscision by 3 inches, he laughingly asked if I was ok and continued firing at onthers...
I quickly retreated to my bedroom.

Oh, don't worry about me. Although I was fine, the battle raged on for a full 30 minutes while all 6 of my "men" laughed and dodged friendly fire. I was left alone to 'lick my own wounds'. Tell me, who shoot their wife and continues playing?

A boy that's who. Why am I continually surprised by these male beings with whom I reside?

Boys are unique  creatures indeed. My husband not only shot his wife, wiped out his 5 sons, but now proudly displays his weapon in our room.

Is there anybody out there who can relate to the insanity of being woman surrounded by boys?

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