September 21, 2011

Headline: Wonder Woman Exposed!

Ah, humility.

I am reflecting about last week and I find that I am in fact a complete fool.
Don't laugh! You too may suffer from the same pride-flu that I caught at conception.

You see, I am wonder woman cloaked in a few more layers of clothing than the old TV Star. I can do everything myself, better than anyone I know. (Do you hear Him snicker?)

I injured myself over a year ago and finally had surgery last week. I find my superior, self-sufficient self bound by a cast on my dominant arm, and cannot even wiggle my fingers without pain. This is no problem for wonder woman.

I've prepped many meals and have them stored away, I found a brush/hairdryer combination for frustrating, I mean self-sufficient hair styling, and I even solved the most baffling of challenges for the one-armed modern wonder woman: bra fastening. That's right! A few athletic tank-tops with built in support make my quest for not needing help from anyone perfect. I won't need help. Yeah for me!

Did you hear the explosion?
My plan blew up in my face. Graciously, and with humor I might add, our gracious Lord allowed me to see that even Super Heroes need help.

Can you guess what happened? My pride-flu in full force had me delusional. I thought I could do it all. My "fever" led me to total stupidity. Are you ready? Pay attention, I want you to avoid the same humiliation...

I was dressing myself with my new "wonder woman tank-top". I successfully managed to get my casted arm into the proper hole and maneuver my head into the neck of the top. All I had left to do was to slip my left arm up into the shirt and then to pull everything down and into place...

"oh husband... Could you please come here?"

Husband walks into the bathroom and tries not to laugh. I am hopelessly trapped in my new tank-top. My casted-right-arm stuck in a useless right-angle and unable to reach anything helpful. My left arm was twisted and bound in a beautifully ridiculous way leaving me half covered half exposed and completely unable to move.

My husband rescued me (mades me mad because, brace your pride, "This is What he finds Irresistible") and smiles as he quickly leaves me alone to deal with my attitude.

The Lord is so good. Although my pride died a totally humiliating death that day, He allowed it to happen with my best friend and love. Although my husband would never publically reveal my stupidity, I will. In hopes that you will not fall victim to the same cruel fate as me.
(Darn. Is it me or I? Someone grab a dictionary. Mine's too heavy)

Ask for help. Ask the Lord to send it to you when you need it.
Kicker: You need to accept the help sooner than I did... or risk being trapped by your own underwear!


  1. We all need humbling events in our lives to keep things in check, don't we? Yours however was met with humor and love. Lucky girl. Glad you are healing quickly.