December 14, 2010

In About 300 Years

ME, "Stephen, how long will it take you to obey and settle down?"
Stephen, "About 300 hundred years..."

Ahhh, the joys of parenting.
The perennial struggle between 'my way and his way'.
I guess I can be thankful he is honest.
I can ask myself the same question though...
 "Bekki, when will you obey and settle down?"

I am constantly on the go. I am so caught up in my own to do's that I forget to stop and enjoy the family around me. I look at my growing children and struggle between the thoughts, "should I tell them I love them, or remind them that their room is a disaster"? Should I stop them and hug them, or thrown their dirty laundry in the washer right this second? Should I face book or email friends, or write my boys an encouraging note? Should I rebuke the disrespectful attitude with my own smug attitude, or should I correct in love with a brokenness and sorrow for their sin?
I don't know. Why is it that life is so filled with unimportant tasks or concerns that crowd out the ones who mean the most to us?
What should I obey? To delight in my children and remember that they are gifts from God.
How should I settle down? Stop striving to have a clean house and love my children in ways they remember while they are still under my roof... Stop acting out of arrogance and love and correct and nurture with a humble heart...

May it take me less than 300 years to get it right.

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