December 17, 2010

My Friend

I know someone who I will call "a friend". I love this person dearly.
This person is permanently grumpy. Complains every time they speak, and hardly smiles. Honestly they live a miserable life. Everything that happens to them is a problem. Everyone is out to get them. Nothing ever goes their way. Ugh. The air becomes thick and dark around them.

I know another "Friend". I too love Him dearly.
This One is eternally content. He prays about absolutely everything He sees. His eyes are shining like the sun and His countenance radiates joy. Honestly, He lives a victorious life. Everything that happens around Him is by design. Like my other friend He know everyone is out to get Him: either for good or bad. Everything goes His way. The air around His very name is filled with light.

I think I should introduce my friends to each other...

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