December 23, 2010

Monkey Hugs

My little Stephen is on my heart a lot lately. I am very aware that he is growing up way too quickly. He has the most infectious little grin and can get into trouble fast than you can say "Go!" but there is another talent he possesses. The Monkey Hug.
With all his heart and soul he gently climbs up into you arms and rests his chin in your neck, warmly surrounding you with both his arms and legs... he simply rests here. It is the most amazing feeling to be loved and trusted this much. I dread the day he is to "big".

I read the other day that love is always passionate. Stephen knows this without ever having reading the little devotional that I did. Each and every day, he simply expresses his love.
I wonder what the rest of the relationships in my life would be like if I took the same 30-60 seconds each day to express an undeniable message that I trust, love and respect them? I am ashamed to admit that days can go by while I quietly take my loved ones for granted. Although you cannot hug everyone the way a 5 year old can, there are definitely ways to express the same message... It doesn't take but a moment, but in that moment... everything changes. I am looking for the chance to make that change.

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