August 18, 2010

Truth or fiction?

So I had one of those moments last night.
Come on, you know...

You're in a new place and you are surrounded by your children. There are strangers all around that you are secretly hoping are impressed with how well you handle your 5 boys.

"Pop!" goes the bubble and you catch one of your darling children doing something embarrassingly stupid.
Yes, Stupid! There I said it.

There I was sitting with my squirming 5 year old, when I lovingly glance at my almost 7 year old.
You put a tie wrap around your neck???!!!
A Tie wrap!

Do you believe the Bible is full of truth, or are you one of those people that believes its just a good read?
Me? The Bible is absolute truth, the inspired word of God...

The Bible says in Prov 22:15,
"Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child..."

Boy did God know what He was talking about or what?
Who, in there right mind puts a tie wrap around their neck?
And why on earth would they do it in public?

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