January 14, 2010

Let the Journey Begin...

If I ask simple questions of my favorite people and then sit silently with an interested expression on my face, simple yes no responses eventually turn into heart felt amazing conversations where they will let me into that secret place deep within their heart. You know that place where only those who have special "backstage passes" are allowed. Where dreams are alive, fears are challenged, hopes are expressed, and relationships flourish. Without this backstage pass, we get to visit our loved one from the crowded concert hall- only experiencing what they present professionally. Oh, the show can be fantastic and we may give standing ovations... but we have no idea what we have missed. I adore my husband. I want more than to be his fan in the center row of his show. I want to share the bus rides, find the napkin so he can jot down the lyrics to the tune that popped into his head, share the joy of an amazing life tour, rub his shoulders after a long day. I want an all access pass to his life, hopes, and dreams.


  1. I love you honey... This is beutiful... Your Love of your life...

  2. Hi Bekki...
    I want to read all that you have to share, so I will try to check it and see what is on your heart..
    Your husband is a blessed man, may your love rub off onto many other young wives. Our men need us to be their cheer leaders and happy home makers..