January 26, 2013

Foundation Building: Does it Have to Take So Long?

Look again at Proverbs14:1. 
I am staring at this single verse for a reason. 
"A wise woman build up her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands."

When I was first married, I did not have a solid foundation.
I did not know Jesus. I wanted a cute husband and a bunch of kids. I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I was insecure about who I was and what was expected of me.

Trust me when I say that it is easier to build a proper foundation before you build your pretty little house. Those things in my heart that kept me staring at myself and my own needs were hard to reach after I was married to that cute man and blessed with a quiver full of kids.

Life is wonderful, yet it can be incredibly hard and chaotic at times. If my life sits on a cracked and flawed foundation then I will be tossed to and fro by challenges, disagreements and traged
Remember that verse about the wise man builds his house upon the Rock? That's what we need to do.

To those single gals out there:
Take all the time necessary to lay a proper foundation with your God. Cast all your cares on Him; cry out to Him; seek His face daily; study the Bible; pray without ceasing for everyone that He brings to mind; find ways to serve and bless others; and wait for Him to lead you to your life building partner.
When you are young, you may find yourself frustrated that you are in this stage for entirely too long (from your perspective), but God wants the best for you.

Ask yourself, what good is a pretty little life nestled in a beautiful house and being surrounded by a handsome family, if everything crumbles to the ground just a few years or decades down the road due to some really hard life challenge? It is worth all the waiting so that you have a solid and unshakeable life.

Take your time. Lay a good, solid, secure foundation now.

If you are like me, 23 years or more into a marriage and surrounded by 5 kids and a dog... Do not lose heart. God is awesome, amazing, and able to reaching in and repair and reinforce that foundation. It is deep under there, but never out of His reach. The difference for you and I is that we need to be totally surrendered to His hand. We need to be patient and willing during the process. There will need to be some demolition, renovation, and reconstruction done.
Surrender is our action verb.
 Should a foundation take so long to build?

Short Answer: Yes. And it is worth it.

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