October 12, 2012

God's Tape Measure

My grandpa was a carpenter. He could skillfully turn a plain piece of wood into a beautiful table or grandfather clock. It was mesmerizing to watch him work when I was little girl. Grandpa, like most carpenters lives by the golden rule of carpentry: Measure twice, cut once.

Wisdom would agree that this is the only way to approach a woodworking project, but what about a spiritual one?

God himself is a Master Carpenter. He is wise and wonderful. He looks at me as an unfinished project and I believe He enjoys the process of transforming me into His image. I am so very thankful that He is careful.

Using the Tape Measure of His Word He examines my life and determines where and what to cut away.

I believe He is more careful than Santa, checking twice before cutting.

As a hunk of wood, I yield my life to His hands. Though this process is not always easy for me, I trust in His finished work.

Currently, the Lord is cutting away at my pride.
When I have the fleeting thought, "I do not struggle with that"...
He is quick to show me that I am guilty and then he measures twice and cuts.
It is for my good.

How about you? Where you see the Lord using His Measuring Tape in your life?

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