October 13, 2012

Are You Lost or Found?

I know the obvious application is do you know Jesus or don't you, right?
My prayer is that you are eternally saved because you believe Jesus died for your sins.

I have a question for you today.
Are you lost or found in your walk with Christ?

As a Christian, I can be either in my relationship with my God. If I become too focused on myself or my life's circumstances I can look up and find I've lost sight of the Lord. I feel lost, sometimes desperately so.

Other times I awaken to a new day where His presence surrounds me and my life is focused on Him. The sweetness of being found daily by Jesus is indescribable.

The funny thing is that I choose whether I am lost or found each moment of every day. God never changes. He promises to never leave or forsake me. That can only mean that if I feel lost its because I have wandered away from His side.

Today I rejoice that I am found in Him: seeking His sweet face, listening for His tender voice, searching for Hus truths.

Today I choose to be found.

How about you? Are you lost or found?

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