November 4, 2011

True or TRUE

As I was going to sleep last night I was thinking about focusing on truth again.
I was thinking that there may be some people that think that I am over simplifying this process of thinking on "whatever is true."
I know that this is an area that I have personally struggled with in my own Christian walk, so I can only assume there are others like me...

With that in mind:

If You and I were sitting across from one another and I held up a quarter so that each of us could see one side: What would you see?
One of us would see Heads
The other would see tails, right?

If we had never seen that coin before we could argue forever about what we are looking at. Because we can only see one side at a time, it's hard to relate to the "other" side.The truth is that we would both be correct. One of us would absolutely be looking at Washington, the other would definitely be looking at an eagle (if its an older quarter).

In our thoughts, truth is like that.

There are two sides to every thought. One Truth is encouraging, one truth  is destructive.
One truth is from the Lord, the other is from the enemy.

Just like the quarter our thoughts have two sides.
One side is faith filled, the other is doubt filled.
One side is hope filled, one side is defeated.

When taking our thoughts captive, we need to consider the quarter. While both sides are true, we can only look at one side at a time. We need to choose which thoughts to "look" at each moment.
We need to choose the side the Lord would want us to see.

In your own mind today, choose thoughts of truth. God's Truth.
No matter what you are facing, there is a faith-filled, hope-filled thought.

If you are struggling and cannot think of anything good, ask the Lord to show you.
He is faithful.

God has a lot to say about thoughts. Grab your Bible and discover for yourself...


  1. What is your favorite "truth" verse?

  2. Amen, so good Bekki! Thank you. I am learning this too very presently in my life and am so thankful for God's truths and that Greater is He who is in us than he who is in this world. Love you sister! :)

  3. That was me, Tina Schipper who posted the above. Didn't realize I was on Van account! :)

  4. LOL! Don't you love modern technology?!
    Now I am doubly blessed. God is so good isn't He? I am amazed at how freeing it can be to filter my thoughts through this verse, and yet how hard it can be at times to stop to actually "run the filter".
    Love you!