November 17, 2011


I have struggled with my own thoughts this past week.
Funny how that works. Here I am studying and sharing about taking thoughts captive and I find myself being my own student. You gotta laugh.

Nothing reveals where my heart condition is truly at better than sickness or drama running through my life. This past week or two it's been sickness. You know, I never think having five boys is so overwhelming until they all have simultaneous issues. This has been my reality lately.

Fall has brought a burst of beautiful color to our trees, snow capped accenting to our local mountains, and sickness to my home. All 5 of my children have been sick lately. Since I have a couple kids with asthma, "not feeling well" can quickly turn into quite the drama. To top it all off my husband and I have come down with our own versions of what our kids had... Fun!

Back to my thoughts. When I do not feel well I am prone, very probe, to internal grumbling. When my husband is sick, I become acutely aware that I was wise not to become a nurse. I am not patient, loving, and kind naturally. I have to die to my self daily and ask (or beg) for the Lord to flow through my life. When I do not feel well I tend to take my eyes off the Lord and begin to see my life through different eyes.

I confess that this is where my heart has been. Struggling to focus on my negative thought and drag them kicking and screaming through the filters of "whatever is true", "whatever is right", "whatever is noble". It has been almost a world class wrestling match in my head. I'm a bit exhausted.

Yesterday, as I began my day in a full frenzy, my best friend and soul mate encouraged me to filter my day through the priorities the Lord has set before me. In my flesh I was mad. "I do not have time to rethink my day!" but I listened.

I flipped my Bible to the Proverbs of the day (yesterday was the 16th so I read/prayed through Proverbs 16) and there it was in black and white. Paraphrased: I can make all the plans I want, but the Lord is in charge of what really happens. (big sigh)

I surrendered my thoughts, plans, and life once again and ran through my list of priorities.
I had too much to do and not enough time to do everything.

My list was filled with last minute homework assignments for my children, holiday workshops at school, budget and checkbook balancing, menu planning and list making, dinner to plan, and a few hundred other little things.

My original plan was to do all the publically noticeable things first and to leave some core things to do until the evening. After spending time with the Lord I knew I had to do things correctly.

I first prayed for my husband and children and anyone that the Lird placed on my heart.
Then I did the things that would bless my husband: budget, checkbook balance, menu plan, and grocery list. (he hates going through these ontge weekend and it always blesses him when I get them done mid week.

I then planned dinner (loaded baked potatoes and salad). I placed the foil wrapped meal in the oven and set the automatic oven so I didn't have to think about it later.
Then I hit school assignment with the it's
And finally the more public project for the school.
No, I did not get everything done, but there was peace between my husband, my children and I.
Those things that didn't get done, will today.

Taking our thoughts captive can be challenging any day of the year, but it's impossible if we do not approach God. He's right there, waiting.

I'd encourage you to take your heart, thoughts, and "to do" list and sit with the Lord.
Do everything in His order. It's the only order with peace surrounding it...

My priorities:
My husband
My children
My extended family
My church family
My community.

How about you? Do you have a priority checklist?
Where does your family fall on your list?

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