March 2, 2011


So last July I was blessed to go camping with my family for 8 days in Northern California. We went gold panning along a quiet stream nestled deeply in the woods and then camped among California's giant redwoods. The trip was stunning!

At the first campsite, the morning we were packing to leave for the next site I awoke and couldn't move my right arm. I had this excruciating pain coming from my elbow that was without explanation. To this day I do not know what happened. My best guess is that I injured the ligaments/tendons while carrying the cast iron cook ware to the sink to wash them. Its been 7 months and I am still amazed that pain can grip me without warning... All I did was wash a teapot and go for a walk 2 days ago and I have been in agony since.

So why share this with you? My husband has been on my case since I injured my arm to take it easy, wear a sling, and let myself heal. I have not been able to do it. I figure if I put on a sling I will not be able to do anything. (DUH!)
This week my arm is so much worse I have to finally stop. I cannot ignore it, it refuses to go away. After 7 months I decided maybe there might be something the  Lord wants me to learn too so I asked Him...

"Sigh" from heaven. "I thought you'd never ask..."

I won't bore you with what the Lord shared with me, but suffice to say He had been waiting for me for 7 months...

There is an old custom that a shepherd would break the legs of a wayward lamb and then spend the next few months carrying it on his shoulders while the bones healed. By the time the lamb could walk again on its own it had become so accustomed to being so close to the shepherd that it never wandered again.

The Lord knows me so well. It had to be my right arm...
Baaa..I surrender..

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