June 22, 2011

Walking Backwards

After a year of recovery from a camping injury, I was enjoying my first long walk of the year. I was loving the fact that I could move without pain when I noticed a man coming toward me as he walked his two dogs. The funny thing was he was walking backward. For almost 100 feet he continued toward me without looking once where he was going.

At the last second, he turned around and I commented that I was just about to ask him if he knew he was walking backward. He laughed and replied, "I like to see where I've been."

For some reason his words struck my heart. His words were so simple, yet so profound to me. How often do I walk through life looking behind me to gaze at what was? Like Lots wife, I can find myself looking over my shoulder longing for old times. Do not get me wrong, I love my life and all the people in it, yet I think I have been "walking backwards" for a long time. In my spirit I did an "about face" and started looking in the direction I was moving... How exciting!

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